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The Utah Center for Digital Arts

A Conference on Utah’s Digital Future

December 1-2, 2016 at Park City Studios

In recent years, technological innovations have blurred or eliminated both the practical and artistic distinctions between film, video, gaming, advertising, and social media.  These innovations have resulted in a “digital convergence” that is and will continue to transform the creative entertainment arts as we know them.  This convergence represents the emergence of worldwide markets at previously unknown scales and influence.

Utah, by both accident and design, has emerged as a recognized innovation and data center in this new digital entertainment world.  The purpose of the UCDA conference is to accelerate the emergence of Utah as a “Digital Innovation Hub” in the entertainment and allied media arts industries.  Specifically, we seek to promote the formal development of a unique innovative digital industry in Utah that has the values to create social impact with the potential to transform the creative media arts worldwide.

By capitalizing on the existing digital resources, assets, and activities of participating members of the public, private and non-profit communities, and focusing them on common objectives, we hope to create a  “collective impact” that exceeds what each sector can do alone and that will simultaneously expedite Utah’s position as a center for digital innovation and technological development.

Participants are not only well placed in their respective fields, but are technology savvy and visionary. To that end, the conference will work to establish a common blueprint or strategy that will allow state and local officials to focus their efforts while providing the maximum economic and creative leverage for digital partners in the private and non-profit sectors. The Conference is by invitation only.

For additional information please contact:

Marc Stephens

801 897-6800